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Bridal Buying Tips

Did you know that 7/10 times a Bride ends up in a Gown that is quite different from what they thought they wanted? Crazy right!

Navigating what shape works best for your body and makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful is task #1. Once we get that out of the way it becomes all about the details. Do you want something smooth and more structured like satin or crepe. How do you feel about the flow of tulle or the romance of lace. Do you want hints of vintage and glamour or are you looking for something more modern or boho. These are all the questions that will help guide us to the gown that truly matches your desired look, feel, and vision for your most special day! At Serendipity we take pride in being able to help you navigate all the lingo, designers, styles, shapes to guide you towards the dress of your dreams!

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